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So I kinda died off for a while or sommat?  And I came back to find that somehow I still had like 13 of you blokes still hanging around.  You guys are awesome, you know that?

So me and Kingsley ( ) did the #VRJam, and it was crazy.  We made lots of stuffs and argued about lots and lots of things as we tried to make BEST GAEM, and ultimately our enthusiasm may just have been our downfall.  X3

We wound up switching between like 4 different game designs, trying to find one that we felt would suit the Occulus Rift and its unique experience really well, including:

  • an action/physics puzzle game featuring large talking robotic spheres that risk crushing you as you guide them around with tilt physics
  • a parkour-ish ship-possessing and sky-grappling action game featuring golem-ish ships and a demon
  • a search-and-chase game with some nonlinear story-driven and psychological elements, maybe even just a touch of horror
  • a narrative-driven and skill/pattern recognition game, where you are the unfortunate hostage of a pair of dangerously incompetent Space Pirates

…and when push came to shove and we found the deadline gnawing at our throats, we weren’t quite able to make up for lost time.  Coming into the contest several days late didn’t exactly help with that, either; so although we did put together something and get it submitted, I’m not exactly expecting first prize, considering some of the other excellent contest entries we saw shaping up on the sides.  (To all the cool dudes and ladies we were up against; great job!  You made some awesome things, and we were proud to put up our dukes against yours.)

But even if we didn’t exactly pull through with flying colors, I’m glad I did it; it was fun and kind of exhilarating in a too-little-time-so-many-things kind of way.  And although I know Kingsley is sort of burnt out for the moment, I’m looking forward to when he gets his second wind back, and is willing to look at trying to bring at least one of the ideas we stormed to full completion. =3

Anyway, check the above gallery for a scattershot selection of both concept and development images taken from all of the above game concepts we worked on.  I’ve got a couple other things I’m planning to toss on here as well that I think you might get a kick out of.  Who knows; if you’re really unlucky you may even get to hear a sample of my absurdly hammy voice-acting.

You poor bastards. oAo

Welp, that’s all for now; catch you next break!



Time to get my creativity flowing.

Give me a bunch of random made up pony names and I’ll draw some random ass OC based off it and I’ll draw some of them tomorrow.

(not an actual real OC owned by you or someone else please, if you give me a name of your oc/someone else’s, don’t be mad at me if I draw something completely different, cause, that’s what i’mma do)

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you take that back

how do people who can’t think like this get anything done, seriously oDo

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HEY GUYS  o)oEo)^>

So it’s been really quiet around here, but that is only because I have been busy being cleverrrrr

Against all my better judgements, I have joined dubious forces with my nemesis Kingsquee (, to take on the rampant heart of darkness that is the Occulus VR Jam (  We will take no prisoners and none shall survive.  We will return from this quest triumphant, carrying ALL THE POINTS in tow.

The images above are the result of roughly two days’ hardcore VRjammin’ (they look a bit crap because we’re in a hurry hurry and I haven’t had a chance to make bitchin’ textures yet).  It’s early days yet, and we’re still tossing ideas around as we consider all the unique challenges that the Occulus and its ken bring to the game-development table.  However, I believe we are just crazy and desperate enough to win.

Oh and neither of us has an Occulus. u)oco)c



It’s a mad, mad gamble, but then such is life! <)oDo)^

Stay tuned for further developments.  This crazy train is on a no-holds-barred ride to Glorytownnnn  =F=


SOON   w(🕕🔺🕕)w


(21:40:02) Kingsley (Gtalk): I am
(21:40:03) Kingsley (Gtalk): disturbed
(21:40:33) Kingsley (Gtalk): animatronic ponies
(21:40:47) { 兆 }: XD
(21:40:48) Kingsley (Gtalk): flesh of the dead stretched across frames and servos
(21:43:15) { 兆 }: LET US… *ZMMT* …BLOW OUR FUSES *ZEEM*
(21:43:30) { 兆 }: IN OUR ROBO-PASSION *ZWeeeeEEEEMMM*
(21:44:11) { 兆 }: MY STREAMS ARE *WRRT*
(21:44:12) { 兆 }: READY
(21:44:13) Kingsley (Gtalk): XD
(21:44:28) { 兆 }: TO BE *ZRRNK*

(21:44:47) Kingsley (Gtalk): please post that to your tumblr
(21:44:54) Kingsley (Gtalk): its beautiful
(21:45:21) { 兆 }: okie dokie *ZWRK* lokie~ u):#D)b

If it’s by request does that mean I can feel any less horrible about me and my stupid idiot savant brain, just asking


Cowboy Bebop OST 3 Blue - Blue

I love this song.

End of line.

so I was rummaging through my stuff
and I found a file
and I opened it
&#8230;why did I even make this I don&#8217;t even

so I was rummaging through my stuff

and I found a file

and I opened it

…why did I even make this I don’t even

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Twelve robots. These will be available as stickers and prints at SPX in September, and thereafter on the internet.

These are adorable and I love them. Thanks for sharing, mate! I am torn between the car-inspired and 80’s appliance-bots as my favourites… :D

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…   u)🌀A🌀) _[#[}

This is why friends don’t let friends have source files   🌀A🌀

everything is horrible foreverr    (🌀A🌀(u       _[#[}