Man, this one took way longer than I meant it to. |:U

This time I went and referenced The One Electric (or T.O.E.), from Evan Dahm’s fascinating comic, Rice Boy.  Between the coat (804 tris) and the character model (3314 tris), the mesh clocks in at a whopping 4118 tris total…so I can’t exactly call it low-poly.  But overall, I’m pretty pleased with how it’s come together.  I made some changes to the body proportions to suit my own sense of style, but beyond that, I tried to keep T.O.E.’s look as close to the original artwork as possible (which was a challenge in itself, between Dahm’s own gradually changing art style and all the various costume changes).  :D

One big thing I learned with this model is that my UV mapping technique needs some serious work.  The way I cut the mesh apart for texturing just wasn’t optimum, and I underestimated some of the difficulties I’d ultimately have with pinching and warping in the geometry when it came time to texture paint (y pen no draw in straight line RAAGH oEo ).  I’ll be paying much closer attention to that next time.

I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to T.O.E.’s body texture because I was much more intent on getting the cloak working right.  I decided early on that this would be an experiment with Blender’s cloth physics modifiers, and it took quite a bit of tweaking to get just the right feel to the way it moved, and to prevent clipping.  In the end, I feel I managed to pull the desired effect off pretty nicely.  It is suitably fwooshtastic.  It has the fwoosh. o)^o^)>

Finally, the last big feature is obviously the way his face changes images over time.  I’m still not completely satisfied with how it does this - fading between images more smoothly, etc, would be nice, and it’s a bit awkward to set up - but it works!  I could even use a video file instead of still images, so that’s pretty neat.  Blender is cool that way.

next model next model GO GO GO~   o)oEo)O

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